BlinkLearning is an educational technology company. It offers publishers the possibility of producing, adapting, and distributing their digital products. Also, allows schools to access content and manage classes.


  • Ease of use

    Intuitive and simple interface for all types of users.

  • Online and offline

    Synchronises content when you have a connection to enable work in offline mode.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, and Android and iOS mobiles.

Find out about BlinkLearning's services for:


More than 4,500 schools access content and plan their classes  with BlinkLearning.


We help more than 50 publishers produce, adapt, and distribute their digital products.

BlinkShop is the online shop where you can find digital textbooks and reading books, as well as Digital Backpacks for your school.

#Realinfluencers: they changed your life.

BlinkLearning has promoted the #realinfluencers initiative, which is aimed at reaffirming the importance of teachers in society.

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