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BlinkLearning is the official technology partner of eScholarium.

Promoted in 2013 by the Regional Government of Extremadura, it is the biggest digital project in public educational centres in Spain.

More than 150,000 students from 900 centres use the eScholarium platform.

BlinkLearning is an official tech partner of the Junta de Extremadura eScholarium project
BlinkLearning is an official tech partner of the Macmillan Education Mee2 project

BlinkLearning works with Macmillan Education to develop educational products for the next digital generation.

The platform is available in 80 countries and for more than 600,000 students.

BlinkLearning is Wall Street English's digital solution throughout the world.

Digital solution present in 25 countries for over 200,000 students.

BlinkLearning is the official digital solution of the Wall Street English platform

At BlinkLearning, we believe that education is the basic pillar of any society. That is why, since our inception, we have been committed to making sure that teachers and students all over the world use our applications to further improve education.